Home Patio Doors

At Jeunesse Wood Door Inc. we provide many different selections of home patio doors.  One of the greatest additions to your home is a patio door, especially if you have a large backyard.  Home patio doors provide easy access to your deck or patio to bring you and your family enjoyable views of your backyard landscape.

If you have a garden or balcony feature design at your home, home patio doors will be a space saver both inside and out.  Interior patio doors tend to introduce natural light and tie together indoor and outdoor spaces all while giving the impression of a much greater space.

Different Types of Patio Door Styles

French patio doors are the classic home patio doors by adding a subtle touch of elegance to your patio or garden. These home patio doors swing outward or inward and are a very common style amongst homeowners today.

Sliding patio doors are a contemporary design. This type of home patio door opens and closes horizontally to let you enjoy your home view. If you live in a tight space, use a stable panel with a single swinging door or sliding doors that fit well in any sized space.

Folding patio doors is another type of patio door that opens by folding in and out. These types of home patio doors are another option that is popular amongst homeowners looking to save space.


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