Home Interior Doors

At Jeunesse Wood Door Inc. we sell home interior doors and provide many different styles and configurations available.  Our home interior doors are made from a variety of materials that are designed for an elegant display. Modern home interior doors are an essential part of any home.  Choosing the right type of doors for your home is a huge undertaking and we understand how it can greatly affect your home’s resell value, interior’s privacy, noise control, and overall visual impression.

What types of Interior Entry Doors are available?

Panel doors are the most common modern interior doors used. These home interior doors can be made from a framework of horizontal rails and vertical stiles that frame flat, or raised wood panels, or even glass panes. This method is common for solid-wood doors because it minimizes the effects of wood’s tendency to shrink, deform, and swell due to humidity. The perfect types of home interior panel doors are built with exactly fitted, interlocking sections and they are significantly more expensive than flush doors.

Flush doors are very popular modern home interior doors and are much simpler in design than their panel peers. Flush interior doors are flat and smooth on both sides and are generally plain which makes them the more competitive and economical option.

Sliding, pocket and barn doors are another important type of home interior doors because they save a ton of space and are some of the most elegant modern home interior doors. These doors usually open by sliding back and forth and is more commonly used in open settings rather than for privacy.

A French door is any door, whether interior or exterior, with windows that extend throughout the whole frame and is usually found in pairs. The windows may be continuous or broken into separate panes.

Pocket doors are another popular type of home interior doors for a closet or other tight space and it is much easier to add to an addition, remodel, or new construction.

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