Fiberglass Entry Doors

At Jeunesse Wood Door Inc. we provide a wide selection of fiberglass entry doors for your home.  Fiberglass exterior doors have a lot of durability as an entry door and a multitude of options to provide the same attractive look as classical wood. Fiberglass entry doors are one of the most popular options homeowners have been using and is the best choice that meets the needs of folks looking to replace their front door with something stylish but affordable. Fiberglass exterior doors provide additional protection from the elements, but with cost as they may be more expensive than traditional wood doors. Doors made of fiberglass material will usually not deform or swell with the changes in temperatures. These doors last for a lifetime for day to day use and won’t rust which will enhance overall durability and longevity.

Fiberglass entry doors can be made similarly to wood, though they tend to be stronger, sturdier and more weather-resistant. Homeowners can purchase fiberglass doors with smooth skin for paint only or a textured skin for paint or stain. Decorative or colored glass is also available with most fiberglass entry door purchases.


Benefits of Fiberglass Exterior Doors

  1. Does not easily dent or scratch much like durable, strong wood
  2. Unlike wood, fiberglass also does not warp, stretch or shrink due to weather and humidity
  3. There’s little to no maintenance the way a wood door might require
  4. The looks of fiberglass entry doors is as elegant and stunning as wood exterior doors
  5. Factory finished fiberglass doors are available ready to fit
  6. Excellent insulators
  7. Less investment required over the lifetime of the door as opposed to wood doors
  8. Good quality fiberglass silences out even the loudest noises

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